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Midlife Reality Check

Are you on track to living your healthiest mid life, and ageing positively?

Or are you overwhelmed by the changes your body has experienced since turning 40 (or 50!)

Do you struggle to stay motivated, overwhelmed by all of the fads and latest crazes?

Are you frustrated by your weight creeping up & up, losing sleep and having no energy?? 

Are you sick and tired of being last on your list? 

Let me show you how you can design a healthy midlife lifestyle for YOU!

Apply now for a Midlife Reality Check, and if you’re successful, you will get to experience a high-level 40-minute coaching call, which will deliver you clarity and a clear direction for improving your health and midlife.

Let's get real about what's possible for you.

During this session we will:

  • explore the 6 keys of wellbeing and discover how you rank against each area
  • identify the 3 areas that will create the biggest shifts for you in health and well being right now
  • step you through the skills and tools you need most to make the changes we’ve identified
  • provide clarity and a clear direction forward so you can stay on track to the results you want
  • Plus, I'll introduce you to Project Me to see whether you are the right fit for this intensive midlife transformation coaching program  

Meet Joanne.

Hi! I'm Joanne is a nutrition and fitness coach, for women who are sick of being sold quick fix fads, are tired of broccoli & steamed chicken diets and hate doing burpees.

Frustrated by the smoke and mirrors and glossy facade of the weight loss & fitness industries I have studied far and beyond my fitness certifications.  I am a women’s nutrition & fitness coach – specialising in all chapters of life – from pre-natal care through to menopause. 

I am committed to helping you realise that you have 20.. 30.. 40..  years in front of you…. to ensure that your life becomes bigger, brighter, bolder and more fulfilling… to give you the courage to get real about what’s most important to you and help bring it to life.

My level of strength and aerobic fitness has never been better, and I feel like I’m in my 30’s, not my late 40’s!

…the best thing is that loads of other things in my life have aligned due to a change in my mindset so I feel really good about work-life-Mum balance….

Thank you Jo for the huge changes you have assisted me with!

~ Tracey

“Joanne has done what nothing else has been able to do

…She is consistent and gentle in her message, never casting judgement or making me feel stupid.

…I drink less (I used to drink wine every day without fail), I prioritise my meal planning more and have strengthened my commitment to regular exercise.

I have more confidence and more resilience… I feel bloody awesome!

I feel the most ‘powerful’ I have felt in ages, having clarity is priceless.

Joanne’s attention, knowledge, coaching skills, and commitment to her clients is incredible, throw in a fabulous sense of humour and really, you couldn’t ask for a better coach!" 

~ Christine

I was overwhelmed on how to improve my overall health….

We looked at my goals so I could improve my health with long term sustainability in mind.

We focused on changing my old mindset –  the number on the scale does not define you... adjusting my exercise to what I can do now not comparing myself to a much younger version of myself

I am so much happier and healthier.

~ Kim

“I’ve worked with Jo for the last 3 months to implement strategies which have led to improved health, fat loss, and deep positive mindset changes...

No dieting, no restricting food groups. No VLC – low carb – keto – paleo – beach – high impact exercise – IF, expensive diet programs or any other BS.

Just some brilliant mindset coaching, recalibration, sustainable habits and strategies to look after myself.

I highly recommend Jo for a realistic program and coaching that works for good."

~ Wendy